When His Kung Fu Is Better Than Your Kung Fu …

  Kung fu movies – I loved ’em as a kid! They’d come on after midnight and would be the last thing to be screened on telly. In those days we only had one T.V channel and it was NOT 24 hours! Drunken fists, shaolin monks, fearless hyenas, praying mantis e.t.c. The list was endless. […]

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Emotional Intelligence & Full Engagement

  Jim Loehr is a co-author on one of the most influential books I’ve read to date – The Power Of Full Engagement. It’s a book I come back to at least once a year. One of my ‘better to read one book 10 times, than read 10 books once’ type of books. The main […]

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Taking A Rest Day

  I’ve just woken up. Tired as fuck. In fact, really exhausted! After yesterdays bench press session, I was so knackered and slept for most of the day. Later in the night I I started feeling a niggling pain around my right hip and my right ankle. It got progressively worse throughout the night (I […]

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