Testesterone And It’s Effects On Building Muscle …

Some testesterone to help with the bench press?

Some testesterone to help with the bench press?


I’ve got gym later today.

In my last post I mentioned I was chaffed with my overhead press. 40kg for 5 sets of 5 reps isn’t anything in the long scheme of things but I was really struggling to improve on that particular lift. Seeing as I cracked that, my current weakest lift is my bench press.

I’ll be doing the bench press later today. I intend to break a plateau and move onto a new level. I’ll be completing 60kg for 5 sets of 10 reps.

If you know me and my current strength levels then you’ll know this will be a toughee for me. I figured I’d better do some prep work before I hit the sack so as to be prepared to smash this level.

My research lead me to testosterone. Turns out the super jacked take steroids to jack up their testosterone levels. Higher T-levels enable you to shift more weight.

Now first, I need to make it clear I have no intention of using steroids. My path will be natural. Nevertheless, this discussion on testosterone got me interested and I figured I’d so some quick research on the subject.

Dr. Thomas Travison and colleagues from the New England Research Institutes in Watertown, Massachusetts found that mens average testosterone levels have steadily been declining since the 80’s. The rate of decline was estimated at 1% per year meaning that a 37 year old man in 2014 would have a 14% lower testosterone level than a 37 year old man in 2000. In fact, a 37 year old man in 2014 would have on average had a decline of over one third compared to a 37 year old in 1980!

I’ve always been fascinated by the men of old. I remember the countless times growing up when I’d fantasize about being a cowboy, a red Indian, a mongol, heck, there were even times I played at being a caveman!

I looked up to the men of old. They were so strong and rugged.


Could it be because they had more natural testosterone?

How To Jack Up Your Testosterone Levels Overnight

It was while in the mind frame above that I happened to land on the blog of Chad Howse. More specifically I can across this article on how to naturally boost your testestorone overnight.

The article gives 4 things you should eat before you go to bed that will give you a natural testosterone boost.

“WOW!” I thought to myself. “This would surely give me the extra ummph I need for my bench press when I wake!”

I had the four items (or alternatives) and could eat them before bed. That way I’d wake up with a natural testosterone boost that would ensure I smashed my bench press goal for the day.

Unfortunately, me being me I had to keep on digging …

A Change In Testerstorne Levels May Not Make Much Of A Difference

So I was going to toss the eggs on the stove for a 3 minute boil soon after this blog and along with the other ingredients have them before bed. Looks like I’ll be going to bed without my eggs (I could still have them as a protein source, but they won’t really be much value as a testosterone booster!).

I came across Michael Matthews article on the subject and what he basically puts across is that in terms of muscle growth and me increasing my bench press naturally increasing my testosterone levels won’t do me any good.

It’s only if I where really low on the scale (which I’m not, trust me I know ;-)) that I might get a boost, however if levels are within the “normal” range slight reductions or increments won’t make much of a difference.

I was about to write everything off until I went back and read further.

Turns out, that though naturally increasing T-levels may not impact muscle mass, it does affect fat loss!

Unlike muscle growth, researchers at the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science did find that fluctuations of testosterone within the physiological normal range had significant effects on body fat percentage.

The higher the testosterone levels, the leaner subjects were. And conversely, the lower the testosterone levels, the fatter they were. When researchers decreased certain subjects’ testosterone levels from the baseline average of 600 ng/dl to around 300 ng/dl, they saw a dramatic 36% increase in fat mass. – read more at http://www.muscleforlife.com/how-testosterone-levels-affect-muscle-growth-and-fat-loss/

If you follow the link above you’ll find more ways to naturally boost your testosterone.

Anyway, enough about boiled eggs, testosterone and the likes. I’ll get the one thing I know works. SLEEP!

Catch ya on the rebound ;-)

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